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Apartment Finishes
Picture: Glow


The Glow style is smooth , white and tranquil - pure and light.

The Glow style is all about the creation of light within a space, providing tranquiliy and calm. It is warm yet comtemporary, allowing you to wake up in natural sunlight and reflect on the day ahead. A colour palate of oatmeal and pale blue is accentuated by clean white materials to reflect light and open up spaces. The Glow finish provides the perfect canvas to allow the sunshine to seep into every corner of your home.

Download Glow Specification

Picture: Dusk


The Dusk style is warm yet mysterious, indulgent yet serene.

By choosing the Dusk style you will be surrounded by natural, feel-good tones. There are no hard edges, just comfortable, soft textured finishes for a rich homely feel, full of inspirational space. Deep greys are lifted with soft fawns and taupe colours, providing warm and comfortable surroundings. The Dusk finish creates the perfect setting for a home full of warmth and harmony.

Download Dusk Specification

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