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With its fresh mountain air, warm sea breeze, unspoilt landscape and picturesque beach for bathing, the small riviera town of Obzor is considered the gem of the Black Sea coast.

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The ancient Greeks named it Heliopolis, or Town of the Sun, due to its virtually uninterrupted sunshine from April to October.

Obzor's ten-kilometre sandy beach stretches from Cape St. Atanas in the north to Mona Petra Cape to the south, where it meets a small picturesque cove and a second beach, called Irakli. Inland from its quaint fishing port, Obzor is surrounded by forests and vineyards. The Stara Planina mountains rise to the west and the River Dvoynitsa bounds it to the north. In the town's park you can see columns and fragments of statues, relics of the Roman temple to Jupiter that once graced the spot.

Obzor boasts some of the quietest, most unspoiled beaches on the Black Sea coast.


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